Why Are LGBTQ Youth Vulnerable?

Understanding Risk Factors

 LGBTQ youth may fear the repercussions of reporting their situation, particularly if they worry others will mistreat or not believe them because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.
Of the 40% of LGBTQ Homeless Youth:

  • 46% Ran away because of family rejection
  • 7.4x more likely to experience acts of sexual violence than their heterosexual peers
  • 3-7x more likely to engage in survival sex to meet basic needs such as shelter, food, drugs, and toiletries 

Youth without safe shelter and social supports are at higher risk of trafficking and exploitation. Traffickers exploit their needs and vulnerabilities to compel them into sex or labor trafficking. LGBTQ youth may be trafficked by intimate partners, family members, friends, or strangers -Polaris 2018