Red Flags

Know the Signs

 Awareness. Education. Help. Many people do not know they are experiencing trafficking. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are not sure: 

  • Are there times when you do not feel safe?  Are you afraid of anyone?”
  • Does someone control, supervise or monitor your actions? 
  • Have you ever been intimate with your partner because you were afraid?
  • Does someone else control your money and legal documents?

Here are common identifying factors of a person experiencing sex trafficking:

  • Feels they must provide sex in exchange for food, housing, hormones, or other needs
  • Photos of the person have been placed online for advertising purposes
  • Movement or communications are monitored 
  • Is hesitant to answer questions
  • Has been threatened with harm to self or loved ones, arrest, or deportation
  • Demonstrates mental health concerns- PTSD, anxiety, depression
  • Has debt they cannot pay off
  • Earnings are confiscated or held by others 
  • Shows signs of physical or sexual abuse, neglect, malnourishment or poor hygiene